Why do we love GIFs so much??

I can't say for sure, as I don't have the proper tools to conduct an experiment and it's pretty hard to find studies on GIFs (come on psychologists, get with the program!), but I do have a theory...

1. We are lazy

What's easier to do, relay a complex emotional response through text while minding your punctuation and grammar (lest your opinion be devalued for misspelling "you're" as "your") or just drop a gif of someone embodying your exact reaction in a visible form? Yeah, the latter.

Gifs are like online chatting 2.0. Facial expression and body language are huge parts of communicating in person, and with GIFs we can do our best to simulate that online.

2. We like moving images

What would you rather do for an hour, stare at an old family portrait or watch a home movie? The movie of course. It's no secret that moving images catch our eye and hold our attention longer than static images.

Social Media Marketing Bonus: Did you know that videos and other rich media on landing pages can improve conversion rates by up to 80 percent? (source: AdPushUp)

3. We love nostalgia

No not all gifs are ripped from 80s cartoons and 90s sitcoms, but enough of them are that nostalgia deserves a mention!

Thought GIFs were a trend? Think again! Netflix is actually rolling out outdoor ads in GIF form that react to weather and current events (see video below). I think that's a sign that GIFs have permeated our culture and are here to stay!

Is there anything I missed? Sound off below!
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