#Ferguson: Online Activism, Offline Action

Social media has successfully been used to spread awareness about rare diseases, and to coerce retailers to remove offensive products from their shelves, but can it be used to bring about social change?

I think so. As long as the online activism is matched with offline action, and that is exactly what has been happening in the days after the #FergusonDecision.

I hate clickbait...and so does Facebook. Stop using it.

We all know those articles on Facebook that lure you into clicking by leaving out vital information like, you know, what the article is actually about. And then once you've clicked you're led to a poorly designed site, so saturated with ads that you can't even click through the crappy article anyway. Yes, I'm talking about click-baiting.

Why do we love GIFs so much??

I can't say for sure, as I don't have the proper tools to conduct an experiment and it's pretty hard to find studies on GIFs (come on psychologists, get with the program!), but I do have a theory...

Old music videos.....new ads?

So I came across a Rolling Stone article about a new, semi-creepy advertising practice: digitally placing new ads into old music videos.

image via Rolling Stone - Far East Movement's 2010 video "Rocketeer"
Confused? Me too. And I'm finally starting to think we've gone a bit too far....

#DesignHack: Take A Cue From Wes Anderson...

Director Wes Anderson is known for his centered, symmetrical shots. Don't believe me? Check out this video for proof:

Corporations are people too...at least they are on Twitter!

Following a new brand or company on social media is comparable to dating. Sometimes we've had a pleasant experience with the brand, and want to keep up with them after a great "first date". Other times we follow purely based on looks.

A cool logo? Well designed products? An awesome site? *Cough* Like this one *cough*. Folloooowwed.

So if looks and/or a nice first date are why you follow, what makes you stay?

"I don't know. Money?"

What? No! A stellar personality.