Corporations are people least they are on Twitter!

Following a new brand or company on social media is comparable to dating. Sometimes we've had a pleasant experience with the brand, and want to keep up with them after a great "first date". Other times we follow purely based on looks.

A cool logo? Well designed products? An awesome site? *Cough* Like this one *cough*. Folloooowwed.

So if looks and/or a nice first date are why you follow, what makes you stay?

"I don't know. Money?"

What? No! A stellar personality.

We all know that businesses use social media to spread awareness of their brand and increase revenue. But the best businesses go beyond sharing random press releases and updates on sales. The best businesses create a brand personality that their target customer can relate to, engage with and, eventually, form a relationship with.

No, I'm not referring to some strange remake of "Her" (unless you're into that kind of judgement here). I'm talking about companies that have injected their brands with human characteristics, whether that's funny, happy, snarky, or absurd. Need examples? I've got a few:

The Good- Taco Bell:

Online, on Twitter especially, Taco Bell is like your 20-something year old stoner neighbor who, although he is crazy about 4/20, is pretty quick witted and has a mental catalog of every meme known to man. Oh, and he loves Taco Bell. Duh.

The Weird- Charmin:

Charmin is your lovable childhood friend who won't stop with the poop jokes and although you're fed up because you're 30 now and don't have time for childishness, you laugh anyway because poop jokes are always funny.


I don't know what's gotten into IHOP lately, but it's kind of like when your dad sees you growing up and "slipping away" and tries to connect with you by being what he thinks is "hip" and trendy. I don't like it. It's inauthentic, cringe-worthy cultural appropriation and completely misses their target market (families). But hey, if the name of the game is engagement and press then IHOP wins, I guess. *Eyeroll**Unfollows but was never following in the first place*.

What do you think? What brands have the best personalities? And which do you think has the worst? Sound off in the comments!

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