Sweet Links!: 10/24/14

These are cool articles I've found while perusing the interwebs this week:

  • #ThroughGlass: FKA Twigs made an extremely cool short film using Google Glass. I still don't want Google Glass, but FKA Twigs' dance moves are sick!
  • Marty McFly's hoverboard from Back to the Future can finally maybe be yours!
  • Jure Klepic asks marketers: Why only respond to consumer insights, when you can be a shaper or creator of culture? 
  • Dan Zarrella explains the science of selfies, and Instagram. The results are pretty darn cool and can easily be put to use. #Selfiequeen status, here I come!
  • A Dallas, TX man was locked in a UK bookstore overnight (lucky!!), and turned to Twitter for help.

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